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PE Childline & Family Centre renders child protection and victim empowerment services to to vulnerable children and their families.

Other than child protections services, the organisation sustains Liebenhaus Child & Youth Care Centre as well as 8 early childhood development centres. We are extremely proud of our awareness team, who works hard on educating children and adults from different sectors about child abuse, domestic violence and other related topics. The team also implements capacity building parenting programmes for teenage mothers and biological and foster parents in order to strengthen family units.
Liebenhaus is home to 25 vulnerable and orphaned boys who have been designated to the organisation by the children's court due to circumstances of neglect and abuse. This is their home, where they are cared for and it is seen to that they receive an education.
Our 8 early childhood development centres are situated in impoverished communities of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole, which are characterised by high levels of substance abuse and gang violence. All the centres are under equipped, but we ensure that children are rendered quality ECD services with the tools we have at our disposal.

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