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Wildlands' Rhino Conservation Project


The Wildlands’ Rhino Conservation Project, endorsed by Project Rhino KZN, aims to place as many rhino as possible under GPS surveillance. The main focus is on improving monitoring systems and incident response, that will allow reserve managers to know exactly where the rhino are at all times, and, more importantly, will alarm them when the rhino are in potential danger, thus curbing the response time of anti-poaching units.

Recent advances in technology have produced a GPS unit that can be fitted into a rhino horn, thus allowing for real-time monitoring of rhino (the units are linked to a localised solar-powered GSM system that integrates with Global Positioning Satellites producing accurate information on the location of rhino at all times). This has the potential to be an incredibly valuable tool in combating poaching and preventing future losses.

Wildlands is currently piloting this system in Somkhanda Game Reserve, with the ultimate aim of ensuring as many rhino as possible in the province are under constant GPS surveillance. Once the system has been perfected the plan is to expand the system into other reserves in KwaZulu-Natal where poaching continues unabated.

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