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PIN– Physical Interview Network

PIN is an AI app that stores job seekers' databases. It conducts a five-minute interview with Britney, which helps employers determine if the candidate is a good fit. The app also allows job seekers to state their work areas and salary expectations. The digital interview is of high quality and costs R80 for 90 days and can be renewed with R30.

Unemployment rate in South Africa is at an alarming rate, with the youth of South Africa failing to find employment the future of our beloved country is threatened.With P.I.N, we will create a medium of communication between job seekers (unemployed) and employers;  this will be achieved through the help of a digital platform which will come in the form of an App called P.I.N.This app will be equipped with a digital assistant named "Britney".  Britney is a digital assistant that will guide users throughout the app. Britney will explain the processes of the interaction between the user and the app.  I will elaborate further as we move along, I would like us to look at the layout of the entire project and break it down into smaller parts.



Mobile App
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Mobile Sign In

P.I.N Profile

WHO IS “Britney”?

Login Settings

Your P.I.N profile serves as your digital resume, containing all the necessary information for potential employers. It's important to ensure that your is well-presented and attractive to employers, much like a traditional CV. Your profile will include a five-minute video of yourself, a thirty-second video or voice note from three references, scanned copies of your qualifications and other important documents, your asking price, and contact details.

Britney is an AI program designed to make your platform experience an adventure. As an AI program, Britney ensures that each user's experience is unique, making them comfortable with the platform. With Britney's assistance, the platform will be user-friendly, guiding PIN app users through every process and making interactions with the platform easier.

With Britney's assistance, the login process will involve filling out an application form in a few simple steps. The information you provide will be utilized for future logins on the platform.


Our aim is to create an easy excess and affordable medium for South African employment seekers to be exposed to in the market field. We make communication between employer and potential employee easy, simplifying all processes

User interface


The user interface is led by our AI Britney, it will be as simple as using any other common application.  After signing up has been completed P.I.N will redirect you to the video section of your application.  In this section, you need to upload a video of yourself.  Just like writing a covering letter, this video is yourself telling the employer who you are, your skills, abilities, talents and more.

Follow these steps for your P.I.N App Application

STEP 1:  You are required to fill in your details. Entering your ID number will automatically populate your name and surname in the database.
STEP 2:  You upload your document (scanned certificates)
STEP 3:  Follow the Formal Interview with Britney

STEP 4:  Upload your reference(s) voice notes and their face photo
STEP 5:  Include your contact details and email address not social media platforms
Application and Registration fees

Our AI Britney leads the user interface, making it as easy to use as any other common application. Once you've completed the sign-up process P.I.N will you to the video section of your application. Here, you can upload a video of yourself, similar to writing a cover letter, to introduce yourself to the employer and showcase your skills, abilities, talents, and more.

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