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Vusisizwe & Melisizwe Consulting Programs

At VMCP, we offer consulting services to aid businesses of all sizes in their recruitment and employee skill development efforts. Our training programs are tailored to the specific needs of each business and position and we work closely with a variety of companies to establish strong relationships. Our programs focus on enhancing skills, communication, and fostering positive relationships between employers and employees.

Training Programmes​

Our first training programme focuses on the confidence, skill and mind-set of the candidate. We prepare the employee on what the employer requires and this is a one-week training session.


Project Management Skills Programme

We teach a project management skill with regards to that particular work. Our project management programmes equip the candidate to have a vast understanding of the project or work on hand.


Financial Education Programmee

Here we teach financial handling of money and share skills on making more money when the salary of the candidate comes in. Added to that we lay down good money habits so the candidate does not fall into wasteful spending habits.

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