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Vortex Bank

Vortex bank is not a physical bank but our own platform that we will introduce. It functions as a bank.
Vortex is a hedge fund were certain groups and members can participate in our long and short-term investment plans. There are different Investment plans through the business opportunities of mining and agriculture and logistics investment plans. Members will make investments with plans they are comfortable with.

Vortex Hedge Fund

Vortex Hedge Fund is a platform where interested people can invest with a monthly interest rate of 5%. Members are allowed to claim returns after a period of 6 months. There is a renewal of Investment after 1 year.

1st Package    

  • R10000.00 X 5%

  • R5000.00 monthly interest

  • 1st claim R30000.00    

  • Total R130000.00

2nd Package

  • R200000.00 X 5%

  • R10000.00 monthly interest

  • 1st claim R60000.00

  • Total R260000.00

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